The Introduction One

A little introduction:

This blog is part fact and part fiction. Mostly naked truth with a healthy dose of poetic licence.

I’m female and my age is around about mid-thirties, not yet late thirties but not still early thirties, bang in the middle. Alright, I’m thirty five and proud of the laughter lines that are now accumulating. Not so proud of the deep lines but I’m a big fan of living so I’ll accept them. I’m from a pretty part of the South West of England, have resided in London for the last ten years and enjoy worldwide adventures though my work and pleasure.

You may be wondering where the domain name comes from. ‘Your name is Penny’ I hear you tell me. But you are wrong, dear reader. My name is not Penny, it’s Janna. The name of this blog is a take on the Penny Dreadfuls serial fiction popular in Victorian times. The subject matter was typically sensationalist involving highwayman, detectives, crime and the supernatural. The fiction was aimed at the working class and each eight page serial cost one penny with illustrations included.

On the contrary my blog is very much in the 21st century; it’s free, it is not aimed at any one social class and the material will probably be a little more sedate. Although if an old-fashioned Caribbean pirate should cross my path I will welcome it and be certain to write of it.

There may be the occasional spelling mistake, it might not always make sense but hopefully it will entertain and there might be some lovely, albeit inexpertly taken photos along the way.

My interests are many and varied so this blog could include broad topics such as food and travel, it won’t include beauty tips, lifestyle tips or anything to do with cats. There will be a lot of rambling, you have been warned.


Norfolk Coast, UK October 2015


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