The Canoa One

I am currently in Canoa, Ecuador. It is a little beach town filled with friendly locals, surfer dudes and so-tanned-they-look-like-walnuts retired folk from North America.

I have spent large parts of my days here swinging in a hammock. When the swinging gets a bit hot and too much like hard work, I head 50 yards to the beach to get a bit of the sea breeze. Life is hard here and I don’t suggest you try it unless you are sure you can cope with it.

I’m staying at a place called Baloo Hotel. Baloo from the Jungle Book sums up this place nicely. It’s a place to laze around in the sunshine with no agenda. My bare necessities here include:

• sun cream, no less than factor 30 due to Ecuador being on the equator (clue’s in the name)

• bug spray between 6pm-8pm to stop those dengue/malaria spreading little f**kers

• 2 litres of water per day to keep me hydrated and beautiful

• one magnum per day (dulce de leche por favor), they melt so quick it’s as if I’m only having half a magnum so perhaps I should up my dose to two a day

• daily spectacular sunset, por favor

• one hammock for swinging purposes

• one dose of fresh seafood per day, cerviche’ll do nicely gracias

• daily dip in the ocean but not past the waist because it scares me

• a fan in my room to bring the night time temperature down to less than 30 degrees

• banana colada, like a pina colada but made with banana, tastes so good and I’ve seen them make it with a whole banana so I’m counting it as one of my five a day

The hammock I like to read and nap in
Canoa, a laid back, dirt track kind of town
Colourful sunshades on the beach
Canoa sunset

Signing off, the typing is making me break out in a sweat. Until next time…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ace! 🙂
    But I’d go for 3 litres if I were you 😉
    All the best, Akos 🙂


    1. Thanks Ákos, it is so hot here I probably do drink more like three litres a day


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