My name is Janna and I decided to start a blog primarly for my own pleasure. It is based on truth but there might be some exaggerations to make it more enjoyable to read (and write). I’m from a village in Somerset, UK but have spent my adult life living in London, working abroad and travelling when I can.

I suppose if I had to say, I would call this a lifestyle blog but it most definitely won’t contain any beauty, relationship, fitness, cooking or lifestyle tips. At the time of starting this blog I am 35, single, childless, no abode and the most expensive possession I have is a seldom used snowboard in my Dad’s attic (bought for about £250 and I imagine it would fetch £80/$100 dollars if put on gumtree/craigslist) and I’m about to set off on a trip to South America so I hardly think I am in a position to offer people advice on how to live their lives. I’m just living mine, in a jumbled and transient way.

For a little more ‘about me’ information and why I started this blog please read the first post- The Introduction One


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